License of the Files

Last updated: March 18, 2022

Personal and Commercial use License

Calar grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the files for permitted personal and commercial purposes.

Copyright is not transferable with the sale.

This license allows you to use the files for cutting pieces of this file, with no limit on the number of pieces, on laser cutting machines or other CNC cutting machines (vinyl, router, plasma, etc.) as well as making pieces on 3D printers for:

– Personal use
– Use on finished products you give as gifts.
– Use on finished products that you offer for sale at: your own business physical store, craft shows and fairs, your personal or business social media accounts or through personal or peer-to-peer e-commerce websites and platforms.

Prohibited Uses of the files

You can not use the files as they are or as part of a new design or artwork for:

– Selling, sharing, gifting, transferring, distributing, passing down as inheritance, or re-selling in any manner the files;
– Using our files in any media or manner other than as a file for use in a CNC cutting machine or 3D printer.

For example, this means that you may not use our files for any of the following:

– to create images for digital media (like those for social media, websites, blogs, etc.)
– to create images for printed media (any printing technology different from CNC cutting machines, like CMYK printers, serigraphy, embroidery machines, as a tattoo, etc.)
– as a logo or part of a logo for any business, person or organization.
– uploading or sharing the files to a third party (like an on-demand cutting or printing site)

Use of the images and photos by Calar

You can not use any of the images owned by Calar for advertising the pieces you cut with the files. These images include:

– the logo
– the rendered images on the store listings that are also included in the .zip files just for reference
– Photos and other images on , Etsy Shop and social media accounts

Please take your own photos of the pieces you cut.


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